Summer Day Camp

The program director oversees a staff of bright and energetic counselors who are dedicated and committed to the well being, safety and development of our youth.

Nutritious hot and cold breakfasts, lunches and snacks are provided by many area churches and organizations. Almost 8,000 meals are  served during camp. As one church member said, "We are called to serve God and that's what we do here."

Physical activity such as swimming, hiking, daily walking, Zumba and a variety of sports are a large part of the program. Bible study and character development lessons, including the 7 Pillars of Character are a part of the daily program. Life skills, drama, music, art, science and computer activities are also highlighted. Weekly educational and fun field trips are provided and enjoyed by all the campers.

Teen Camp

In 2015 a new camp for youth ages 12-15 was instituted. It provides a safe place for children to thrive and grow, focusing on life skills and careers. This year the teens went to HAAC to learn about careers in the health care industry.

A Lesson on Banking with Belco Credit Union

Teens had a presentation on banking and finances courtesy of Belco Credit Union.

Fun and Educational Field Trips

Alpaca Farm

Last year the campers went on a field trip to the alpaca farm. This was the first time most of the campers had a chance to interact with these beautiful animals. They had a wonderful time leading them around on a leash! This was an amazing and memorable day for everyone!

Weekly field trips to Jackson Lick pool

Campers love walking to the Jackson Lick pool to swim and cool off each week.

Biking trip around Wildwood Park

Once campers are able to ride bikes, they are given helmets and bikes and off the group goes around Wildwood Park. This is such a treat for the children!

Swimming at Pinchot State ParK

Swimming at Pinchot State Park is always a fabulous day for the campers. They even are able to play on the playground there.

A fun day at Knoebel's Park

The highlight of camp is the trip to Knoebel's Park!


Bowling always makes the day super fun!